RealFlight G5 And Basic RC Flight Simulator

RealFlight has always been known as the best sim for recreating actual outdoor flying conditions. The best sim for replicating the physics of an RC aircraft. The best sim for learning how to fly, how to perfect aerobatic maneuvers and so much more. So, what if there was a RealFlight that offered all this plus the ability to engage in aerial combat with multiple players? There is and it’s called RealFlight Generation 5. G5 adds even more fun to its functionality with four different combat event modes that will unleash your inner dogfighter. You can do battle with machine-guns, aircraft equipped with rockets, even paintballs. There’s also an event mode for streamer combat. And not to worry RealFlight G5 still has all the great features that have made it the number one simulator for the past eleven years. That includes RealPhysics, AccuModel aircraft editing, FlexiField flying site editing, water takeoffs and landings, night flying, dynamics slope soaring, training aids, the amazing InterLink Elite controller and so much more. Plus G5 expands the action so as many as 31 pilots can join in the action at the same time. You can imagine how exciting that would be! An innovative targeting system enables you to locate and track enemy aircraft before you lock on for the kill.

And onboard cameras provide you with a first-person perspective, a feature that no other simulator offers. There are three new flying sites on RealFlight G5: the Boneyard, Apocalypse, and a Construction Site and they’re all 3D. You’ll also find seven new aircraft including the Thunder Tiger Innovator, the Sig Senorita, and the Super Decathlon from Dynaflite as well as two Multiplex models. Now you can use your PC to become a virtual ace. All you need to do is install the single disk that RealFlight G5 comes on and start flying. And if you currently own RealFlight G3, G3.5, G4, or G4.5, there’s also an upgrade that allows you to experience G5 using your existing controller. But maybe you’re looking for a flight simulator to start out with for around a hundred dollars. You don’t have to give up RealFlight quality, not when there’s RealFlight Basic. RealFlight Basic is no frills affordable, yet still offers you a lot more than comparably priced simulators. There’s an excellent variety of aircraft and PhotoField sites. The graphics and physics are top notch.

You get a hobby quality controller and the menus are super easy to follow. Plus, like the more advanced RealFlight sims, RealFlight Basic is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista. For the beginner on a budget it’s the economical alternative with RealFlight quality. Fun, realistic, and user friendly. And only RealFlight offers you a choice of simulators like this. Get yours today and see what makes RealFlight number one..

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