Online Flight Simulator – Virtual Pilot 3D Review

Virtual Pilot 3D – The Best Flight Simulator for PC!

The ultimate online flight simulator is now available for instant download to your PC! My name is Karl and I love flight sims. I’ve owned a ton of ’em. But I want to tell you about Virtual Pilot 3D. In my opinion, this is the best flight sim ever! I love this thing, and I think you will too. In fact, it’s the exact simulation being used by the FAA and NASA to train pilots, flight controllers and other aviation professionals.

It flat out rocks! My pilot friends also say that this is the best flight simulator they’ve ever used, and it’s easy to see why. From a professional aviation standpoint, it’s the most accurate and realistic. From a gamer standpoint, it’s got incredible graphics and game play. You’ll fly in a fully 3D world in high-def. What I’m showing you here doesn’t even do justice for this incredible online flight simulator, because I had to crunch the graphics down for this video. Here are some of the high points of the game… Choose from over 200 planes and helicopters – rare planes too – and 25,000 real world airports to land and take off from. Play with your fiends – it’s multiplayer enabled and multiuser enabled, meaning you can load this thing onto as many computers as you like! That is cool. Speaking of which, if you want to fly with your friends anywhere in the world you can, and if you want to dogfight, you can do that as well. For you naval aviation buffs, you can even land on and take off from the U.S.S.

Nimitz and Eisenhower aircraft carriers! Virtual Pilot 3D supports all gaming hardware, including foot pedals and throttles. It will even support up to 9 monitors for a total immersion experience if you want it. This thing is amazing, but don’t be afraid of it either. There are built-in interactive and video tutorials that will have you up and flying – so to speak – in no time at all..

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Virtual Pilot 3D is live-linked to Google Maps

Virtual Pilot 3D is also live-linked to Google Maps and includes “real sync” weather technology. You can set it so that if it’s raining or snowing in the real world, it will be in the game! The weather also changes – it’s not static. Even more advanced features make this the best online flight simulator available today. Period. Bar none. For instance… There’s intelligent air traffic control: it’s as if you’re flying in a real sky full of real aircraft. Advanced autopilot, instrument flying and navigation features make you feel like you’re actually airborne. You can fly actual airline routes, too – or create your own. You can even refuel in the air! Virtual Pilot 3D comes with an integrated suite of scenery design software, including a fully-featured flight planner. The scenery in this game – as I hope you can tell – is nothing short of breathtaking. This sim has so many features, I could go on and on and on for the next hour. You really do need to see it for yourself. The game supports all versions of Windows, comes with free lifetime updates and can be downloaded instantly.

You can also get discs. You can literally be flying the world’s #1 online flight simulator in less than an hour! Here’s the best part. You can try Virtual Pilot with no risk for 60 days. There’s a no-questions-asked, no hassle guarantee. How cool is that?And if you buy from my link, you’ll get a 50% discount on this absolutely incredible online flight simulator. So click the link now and check this thing out. I hope you enjoy it. Later!.

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