Flight Simulator X Review of British Airways 787-8

Hi guys and thanks for tuning into Jack’s FSX Videos. Today I’m going to be doing a review on the British Airways 787. British Airways just recently got some 787s and they now fly them to Toronto, New York and other places. The aircraft is not really that great, it was freeware from Simviation and the controls are quite slow and the flaps, when they come down they jump, gears jump as well and it’s just not really a great aircraft at all, and it doesn’t have very many effects, like the gear turning and as you can see here, take-offs: it’s not really your average take-off. and now you can see the gears are coming in extremely slowly. There is generally not very much detail to the aircraft like the paint near the flaps, underneath the speed brake and the engines and stuff like that is not very detailed.

The lighting doesn’t have very much detail either. This is now coming in for the approach at Edinburgh airport, I took off from Glasgow and it is just very hard to control the plane and the controls are slow so it does make it harder to line up with the runway and descend so I am having to dip the nose down of the aircraft a lot more to get two white lights and two red lights and it does just take a while for the engines to respond on the applying throttle. The aircraft just doesn’t really, generally, it isn’t generally really realistic. And it was very hard to land this aircraft, I didn’t even manage to get to the touchdown zone and the speed brake, the detail isn’t very good on that as you can see, it’s just black on this side of the aircraft. Also my commands to retract in the flaps didn’t respond, I tried doing the key commands and joystick commands.

And thanks for watching this video of the review of the British Airways 787, if you’d like to see more of this aircraft, then just leave a comment, email or you can post something on Facebook or message on Facebook. And more reviews will be out in the future along with the On-Going series episodes and the regular episodes and thanks for watching..

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