My flight at Baltic Aviation Academy B737 Full Flight Sim

Now they are stabilised so press TOGA Oh, we didn’t engage the autothrottle, press it again And now gently keep the direction with the pedals Let’s see what happens The starter should be on both, yes? No, it should be on right, it’s all ok You can set the landing gear lever to the off position They are trying to scare us Let’s crash into it! Ok now, set speed 210 on the MCP And now let’s extend the flaps. Set flaps to 1 Now set speed 190 Now let’s turn to right. Set course 210 And don’t descend, maintain altitude Ok, we can extend some more flaps. Set flaps to 5. And the speed 180 Now select VOR LOC Ok, the VOR LOC is green, now follow the Flight Director No, it’s ok, ok What’s the distance? Look there, the distance is shown to you.

Around 14 miles Runway in sight Look at the instruments, don’t look at the runway. We can make that you won’t see the runway You know that cartoon, “Hedgehog in the fog”? Don’t descend, don’t descend Let’s do like this: we set altitude to 3000ft and set Altitude Hold You can engage him the Approach Now select gear down and set flaps to 15 Speed 150 Now arm the speed brake And set autobrakes to 2 Now trim a little up, you can feel that it’s dragging you down a little And follow the flight director. You see, it’s asking you to turn a little to the left Now set him a heading of 234 We use 30 flaps for landing? Yes It’s a little bit harder than on Microsoft (Flight Simulator) Ok, set flaps 30 now And set speed 137 7? Yeah Not 2? No, you see, the speed in the FMS is for reference only. But you have to take into consideration the wind, and so we add at to it at least 5 knots Ok, gently now, gently Follow the flight director. You see it’s asking you to turn to left a bit All right, one eye to the runway where it is Pull down a little, flight director is asking it Gently now.

Now the most responsible part is ahead – to land Look, we’ll disengage the auto throttle for you now And now try to keep it steady The thrust is ok Ok now keep a steady descent, vertical speed around 700ft/min. And don’t do anything with the throttles, you’ll just have to set them to idle later And pull down a little, pull down Ok, you’re doing good right now, hold it hold it Thrust to idle now And pull up, pull up! And engage the reverse Where are the applause? Applause! Allright, we’re stopping. Set the Parking brake to on Set flaps to 5.

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